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Consulting and Marketing with Supsystic Live Chat

Sep 07, 2017
Consulting and Marketing

Consulting and Marketing with Supsystic Live Chat

Consulting agencies and companies spend lots of money to attract valuable customers. The price of losing such a customer makes a big hole in a company’s wallet. Besides, high checks make every visitor a truly valuable investment. Live Chat by Supsystic services increase consulting companies’ online sales and therefore revenues, which they would otherwise lose, by up to 20%. Live Chat is an ideal tool for tracking, creating and making chats with your customers or site-guests, who have some problems or want to ask questions.

Results what would you get:

      • Increase online sales


Increase Sales Online with Live Chat You can hardly sell your consulting services without establishing good personal contacts with your customers. Live Chat by Supsystic consultants will provide individual communication with website visitors, help you figure out their needs and problems and enable you to arrange for a meeting or a phone conversation. Thus, you can attract more clients via the website. Check Live Chat Triggers article.

    • Organize dynamic sales

The dialogue system of WordPress plugin Live Chat enables you to organize dynamic sales online and provide consulting services similar to those provided at usual stores. For instance, you can help your client choose a service providing the client have entered a certain type of query or is currently viewing the respective page of the website. With HTML/CSS editor tab of the plugin you have ability to additional functions (to add your own code).

    • Treat your standing customers properly

Tune the interface to make your personal welcome readily visible for your standing customers (for example, by calling them by names) once they open the website. This tactic is very effective with corporate customers and VIP clients. Use WordPress Live Chat by Supsystic to make this action in two-three clicks. Also read the article about Notification feature in Live Chat plugin. Make Ads More Effective with Live Chat

    • Make ads and promotion actions more effective

Using an online consulting function on landing pages related to sales promotion actions can increase traffic by up to 35%. You can set your website to consult each visitor automatically. This will make your clients want to use help offered here instead of using your competitors’ services.

    • Incorporate CRM in your site

All Live Chat by Supsystic services are compatible with CRM, so you can view the history of your orders and your customers’ data, set dialogue rules based on the customer’s record and make individual offers. For example, the spokesperson can view this data and approach each client in an individual way. With Live Chat Statistic you will be able to view all activity.

    • Use Live Chat by Supsystic as a source of income

You can increase your income and even build a separate business in cooperation with Live Chat by Supsystic. Join our partnership program and offer the best services to provide excellent communication of customers.

To Sum Up

Supsystic Live Chat plugin for WordPress is the fastest way to engage your visitors and customers. Use the Live Chat for an automatic appeal to customers to attract their attention, and increase your sales. Start communicating! Bring live, two-way chat to your site. Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales without needing any third party javascript or other code – works great with WordPress Live Chat plugin.

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