Live Chat Statistics

Statistics in WordPress Live Chat can show you actually everything you want: from the number of messages day by day to the total customer service statistics for a day, week, month.

The statistics page is in the general directory “Live Chat by Supsystic“. There you can find the insert Statistics and you need just click on it.

You will see three diagrams and tables for the better view of statistics. You can see all of them in the form of diagrams or graphics.

The first one shows you a total live chat statistics. You see:

  • Graphic of displayed chats
  • The line of opened chats
  • User registered diagram
  • Session started graphic

Click the button with a period, you want to see: daily, monthly or weekly statistic.

Total Live Chat Statistics
The second graphic shows the whole statistics about messages in chat boxes. Again you can choose option to show it for a day, month, week etc.

Live Chat Messages
Agents Activity, their rating and their messages activity are ready for you on the last graphics.

Activity Agents in Live Chat
Don’t forget that you can download your statistics as CSV document and of course, clear all the data by clicking just one button!

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