How Does The GDPR Compliance Plugin Work?

May 04, 2022
GDPR Compliance Plugin

You’ve probably heard of GDPR if you’ve been around WordPress. But what exactly does it imply? Who does it have an impact on? How can your website become GDPR compliant? Which is the best GDPR Compliance plugin? This article will answer all these questions and let you know how to use the GDPR Compliance plugin to make your WordPress site GDPR-compliant.

Understanding GDPR in Detail

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a European Union law that was passed in 2016 and went into effect in 2018. It is more than 200 pages long and contains several regulations regarding the collection and processing of user data. On Wikipedia, you can get a full guide to the GDPR, or you can read the entire thing at

Who Does It Have an Impact On?

The GDPR applies to all enterprises worldwide that collect or process personal data about EU citizens. For example, if you live in the United States and run a company website or online store with European consumers, GDPR applies to you. Due to the dynamic nature of websites, no single plugin can guarantee GDPR compliance. Many popular plugins, on the other hand, have added features to make sure your website is in compliance with the law. If your company does not comply with GDPR, you might be fined up to 4% of its annual worldwide turnover or €20 million (whichever is larger) for each infraction. Fines are also divided into three categories. For example, a corporation can be fined 2% of its records if they aren’t in order if it doesn’t tell the supervising authority and the data subject of a breach, and if it doesn’t complete an impact assessment. (Article 83) Google was fined $57 million under GDPR, France’s data privacy policy, in January 2019.

Free GDPR Compliance Plugins

While GDPR legislation appears to be complicated, making your website GDPR-compliant is actually quite simple. If you are looking for the best GDPR Compliance plugin, make sure to check out the list of plugins that can help you make your website compliant with GDPR.

  1. Supsystic’s GDPR Compliance Plugin

Supsystic offers the best GDPR Compliance plugin that makes your WordPress site GDPR compliant. It lets you create your own pop-up that complements the theme of your site using a wide range of design settings and options. Features

  • Working on all devices
  • user-friendly and adaptable
  • It works with all WordPress themes.
  • Consent Management
  • Popup location
  • Block Content
  • Conditions for Cookies and Scripts
  • Support your own scripts.


  1. Cookie Notice For GDPR & CCPA

It is a free cookie notification GDPR Compliance plugin that allows you to request visitors’ permission to use your cookie policy. It helps your website meet the requirements of the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Features:

  • Compatible with WPML
  • Custom language localization
  • Cookie autoblocking in accordance with GDPR Art.7
  • Proof-of-Consent Storage
  • Cookie categories are GDPR Art. 32 compliant.


  1. WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR Compliance adds a GDPR checkbox to specific areas of your WordPress website, such as comments, registration, and WooCommerce pages. Visitors can use this plugin to request to see their data stored in your database. Features

  • It gives users the “right to be forgotten” by anonymizing their data.
  • Easy to use.
  • GDPR Compliant


  1. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner.

GDPR Cookie Consent Banner is a versatile tool for displaying cookie notice banners on your website. Notices can be excluded from specific pages and displayed in a sidebar, at the top, bottom, or as a floating element. Features

  • Mobile-friendly
  • It includes translation support.
  • Compliments on your WordPress theme.


  1. EU Cookie Law

The EU Cookie Law is a simple and lightweight solution that allows you to create popups and lock scripts before acceptance. With your cookie policy, you can include a simple, customizable cookie notice banner. Because this plugin employs a mobile responsive design, your cookie notices should appear user-friendly and search engine-friendly on mobile as well. It is also WPML-certified and works with a variety of multilingual plugins. Features

  • Set the expiry of a cookie
  • Customizable banner color, strings, and position.
  • Cookie consent by navigation, scrolling, and clicking.

Which GDPR Compliance Plugin should you choose for your website?

We’ve compiled a list of the five best GDPR WordPress plugins for you to use. We strongly recommend Supsystic if you only need a plugin to display cookie consent popups or banners. Plugins are not always reliable or up-to-date, but you can protect your website’s speed with a lightweight standalone tool like Supsystic. It is totally customizable and user-friendly. You can try the free version to see how this GDPR Compliance plugin works.

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