How to Use Contact Form to Grow Your Email List in WordPress

September 13, 2018Contact Form Plugin
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Email marketing is one of the most effective channels to directly communicate with your consumers, send unique propositions, boost your orders, and, of course, build long-term and trusted relations.

Email is a good selling channel: according to the last findings, customers tend to spend 138% more while purchasing products if they received emails.

Email is a driver of customer retention: 80% of marketers said that email marketing is the best tool for stimulating consumers to come back.

Email is a traffic maker: more than 70% of customers called email as the most preferred source of business communication.

So, there are no doubts that email is really matters when it comes to revenue and business growth. The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, reported that by 2020 3 billion people will be using email. It is almost half of the world’s population!

But the question is how to provide your business with the sustainable growth of email subscribers? One of the way it is using the contact form plugin by Supsystic.


How to install and use the Contact Form plugin?


Step 1. Installation

Install Contact Form by Supsystic.

Install Contact Form by Supsystic

Activate it.



Step 2. Customization

Create a new form.  

Choose the template and fill Form Name field. Do not worry! You can change it in the future.


Customize all options. 


Our plugin provides you with such features:

  • Plugin builder
  • Responsiveness
  • Conditional logic
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Captcha integration
  • A/B Split testing
  • Statistics and analyzing tools

For more information, please, visit this page.

How to create the best contact form?

Do not know from what start to build the contact form design? Here are some useful tips which we collect based on our experience:

  • Make all simple and minimalistic, do not overload users with millions of lines that they need to fill
  • Provide people that subscribe to your lists with some incentives. It can be additional free days to premium content, a gift, or discounts
  • Don’t be shy! If your product is really cool tell about it by using testimonials inside your contact form


Remember: the larger and more engaged your email base is – the more sells and traffic you will get. With our plugin, you can easily and fast create an eye-catching contact form to grow the base of new subscribers.


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