Image Optimization with Gallery Plugin

Mar 28, 2017
Image Optimization with Gallery Plugin

Image Optimization with Gallery Plugin

Once you become a webmaster there are plenty issues you need to solve. In a row of the issues appeared will be space capacity and usability. There are numerous tools and approaches invented to solve this issue and below we have prepared for you a description and grounding of a such a tool.

What Issues are Solved with Image Optimization Tool?

There are two issues solved by image optimizer:

  • disk space
  • usability

Disk space can be saved if you upload to your website only optimized images. Although, usually image size doesn’t exceed several Mb it is still important for you as webmaster to provide image optimization. Just consider how much space could be saved if you host hundreds or thousands of images on your website. Gallery Image Optimization There are Gigabytes of space to be saved which means that you save costs on purchasing new space. Moreover, the less space there is occupied on disk, the faster operations are performed. And here is where we come to usability. Usability issue is solved by the fact that the less image size is, the less time user needs to upload the page where image is situated. And load speed is a factor that has a great impact both on usability and website optimization. So if you are concerned about these issues you come to the choice of suitable image optimization tool.

How to Choose Image Optimization Tool?

Image optimizer is a solution developed to decrease size of an image in several clicks. Compress ratio for images that are processed depends on image optimizer’s efficiency and type of file. However, there must be a condition adhered for file compression process – once file is optimized its general appearance mustn’t be worse than it was before compression. So there are two main factors we need to consider when choosing image optimizer – compression rate and whether image’s general appearance remain the same. Image Optimization There are also other factors being not so vital – bulk image optimization option availability, service price, limits per image etc. Bulk image optimization allows to optimize more than one image per instance. It is important to have such an option for solution as if there is only one image that can be compressed per instance – you need to waste more time to perform optimization. Service price – there are free and paid services available. It is up to webmaster which one to choose – sometimes all enhanced services provided by paid solution are over exceeded by the fact alternative solution is free. Which means that value of the enhanced services is quite low for users. Limits per image mean that you cannot upload for compression file that exceeds x Mb (10, 50 – depends on service provider). This limit may play role for those dealing with images of high resolution. So we can add to factors that influence your choice next factors – time-efficiency, cost-efficiency and limitless. One solution that complies to all above mentioned factors in the best way is Image Optimization option delivered with Gallery by Supsystic plugin.

Image Optimization by Supsystic

This feature is integrated in Supsystic’s Photo Gallery plugin and was designed to deliver the best image optimization experience for webmasters. You can find it on Image Optimize tab of plugin. Image Optimization by Supsystic includes such options –

  • Image optimization using TinyPNG compression service
  • Transfering gallery images to CDN server

Image Optimization with TinyPNG

You can save backups of source files that need to be optimized. Optimization feature will allow you to optimize thumbnails images too. After optimization you can compare the appearance of compressed and optimized files to see that there is no difference between them. Besides you will be able to compare total size before and after optimization. All you need to do is to enter your API key of TinyPNG account and choose the galleries. Check more details in documentation of Image Optimize feature.

Transfer to CDN

This feature allows you to transfer your media data to CDN server. Transferring images of gallery to Content Distribution Network allows you to improve usability of your website by providing better load speed. To conclude, below there is the list of advantages you get when you use Supsystic image optimization tool:

  • improved usability
  • disk space efficiency
  • cost and time efficiency
  • high compression ratio

Read more about Transfer to CDN option in plugin documentation. Optimize your Website with powerful features of Supsystic plugins! Get in touch with all advantages of Photo Gallery solution.


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