Good Idea For Membership Site – Social Network Integration

Jul 03, 2017
Good Idea For Membership Site - Social Network Integration

Good Idea For Membership Site – Social Network Integration

When running Membership site one has to consider numerous issues. Increasing number of users and engagement rate are two in a row you need to consider. There are different ways to solve these issues and below it is described one of them – implementing Integration with Social Networks.

Why to Integrate Your Membership Site with Social Networks

It is hard to find user that uses Internet and has no account in social network like Facebook or Twitter. That is one of the reason why integration with these service became a trend, so now you won’t find a merely popular website without social buttons – and for a good reason. social network integration Below you will find brief benefits of Social Network Integration:

  • User can either import/export data within Social Network and Membership site.
  • User can create post both for Social Network and Membership site.
  • Sharing rate improves dramatically – sharing is a free marketing for your service, so this factor cannot be underestimated; also consider the fact that you get a natural link from Facebook/Twitter live account which is definetely good for business.

It is a short list of pros for any website in the web. However, for Membership sites there is one more huge plus that became available after Membership Plugin by Supsystic update – now user can export/import activity within your website and social account. Social Integration feature It is a breakthrough for online business as from now on user will see page full of activity instead of blank feed which has to be filled. This allows user to show activity on your membership site – fill it with content and avoid starting from the beginning. Why this Social feature is so important? Because it leads to increase of user engagement. Can it have a positive influence on sales of subscription plans and client’s loyalty? The answer is yes. As huge rate of user engagement usually has a positive effect on sales.

How to Integrate Membership Site with Social Network?

Actually, you do not have to do a thing at all. Integration is already included as an extension to Membership by Supsystic Plugin. Check this guide on how to use Social Network Integration addon. Your subscribers are able to transfer activity data between Membership site and Social Network. It is fast and easy. On the client side it looks like this. Social Network Integration option User can connect or disconnect Facebook or Twitter account and import/export activity either by hashtags or everything. Try this feature and soon you will feel positive effects from it. More information about all Membership advantages, extensions and demos you can find on our Supsystic site, check Membership plugin page and Membership Documentation.

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