New option of Membership Plugin – Add to Favorites

May 05, 2018
Add to Favorites option for Membership website

New option of Membership Plugin

Supsystic team has developed a new option of Membership plugin. Using it you could easily add any post of any user or group to your favorites. The needful interesting materials, which you’ve found useful for yourself, would be always in an easily accessible place and you could read them at any moment. Our developers are always looking forward and making efforts to propose to the users something new and effective. All the plugins and their options developed by our programmers are oriented to the simplification and improvement the usage of WP web-site. New option gives the opportunity only by one click on Favorite button, to add the enjoyable post to the favorites automatically. It’s also gives another opportunity to the author of the post to see how many users and who exactly, enjoy his/her posts. Add to Favorites option of Membership Plugin How to enable add to favorites function for your WordPress website read in the documentation. Even if you have no programming skills you can change plugin settings by several clicks in your admin panel. This is a really convenient way to interact for all the users of the membership site. The option stimulates all the site-visitors to be more active and add new interesting content to the web-site. Just try to use it and see the results. Download Free WordPress Plugins by Supsystic

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