Social Login for Your Membership Website

May 24, 2017
Social Login for Your Membership Website

Social Login for Your Membership Website

Supsystic Team presents Social Login feature of Membership plugin. It is great solution that allows your users sign up/in to your membership site in a single click. Social Login feature was developed as PRO extension in Membership Plugin by Supsystic.

Why to Implement Social Login Feature?

Positive Effects of using Social Login Below are the pros of using this extension:

  • Facebook and Twitter front-end registration/login
  • Logging in and registration becomes easier and faster for user
  • User doesn’t have to set up new password or login for your service
  • Not having this feature makes your website looking outdated when comparing with your competitors

One more reason fair for membership site constructed with Supsystic plugin – this feature is a logical addition for Social Network Integration extension of Membership plugin.

Positive Effects

When extension is used, it makes your website more user-friendly and socialized as it makes user-experience more comfortable. One more positive effect from adding this feature is improved account security. Any other person can get an access to user’s profile on your site only in case Facebook or Twitter accounts were hacked which is hardly realized. It has to be mentioned that Social Login is fully customizable when it comes to design and below is the example of how can it look like. Login Page with Social Login Extension Use Social Login and other useful extensions for constructed on Membership Plugin by Supsystic website to improve its usability and user-engagement. Enjoy Membership Demo site with Social Login feature.


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