The Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins (That Work!)

Dec 28, 2021
WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

The best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins (that work) are not easy to find. WordPress is one of the most popular and easy-to-use content management systems on the entire web. With tons of customization and options, you can create stunning blogs, forums and other web content quickly. WordPress is built on plug-in architecture and templates, meaning web developers can build and release their custom plugins that you can take and incorporate into your website designs easily. Photos are a great way to evoke emotion and draw attention, so it’s no wonder that WordPress photo gallery plug-ins are some of the most popular plugins for websites. The development of photo gallery plugins is an important part of what makes photos eye-catching on your site. While there are tons of options out there to choose from, it can be tricky to track down one that works right for you. If you’re looking for the best photo gallery plugins, then this blog post will help you decide which one is right for you. Here we’ll show you the 5 best WordPress photo gallery plug-ins on the market today and why they stand out! We’ll also show you a few examples of how each plugin looks on the web as well as some useful features that make them unique from others.

Envira Gallery

Active Installs: 100,000+ Cost: $29 per year — 1 site $69 per year — 3 sites $99 per year — 5 sites $299 for lifetime — Unlimited sites Envira is a premium plugin that has tons of great features. Its easy-to-use, drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to create stunning galleries, and you can even add filters, titles, descriptions and more. It also prides itself on being one of the most optimized gallery plugins for WordPress on both desktop and mobile platforms. The SEO integration that it offers is also top-notch, making sure your photos are highly visible to your intended audience. We like Envira for its fast response times on websites and adaptable workflow that gives you the creativity to create WordPress galleries in minutes. You also get great social media integration, giving you the ability to share photos or sell them to your readers or customers. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro with the ability to customize your gallery on your own or new to gallery plugins and need a little help, Envira has tons of template options so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Photo Gallery by 10Web

Active Installs: 300,000+ Cost: Free — 1 site $30 per 6 months — 1 site $60 per 6 months — 5 sites $100 per 6 months — 30 sites Photo Gallery by 10Web is great for those who want a photo gallery option that works fantastic on mobile. The free version of this WordPress plugin comes with 2 default template themes and also has some pretty amazing features, allowing you to have complete control over your galleries and show off your photos in style. Customize the views of your gallery using Slideshow, Thumbnails, Image Browser, plus Extended and Compact Album. You can also select even more views in the premium versions of Photo Gallery. Photo Gallery also loves the word “unlimited,” so they give you as many galleries and albums as you want, and you can fill them with an unlimited number of photos and videos. This gives you a ton of freedom to create galleries with different themes that suit your site’s needs. Lightboxes are also a high priority with Photo Gallery by 10Web. A lightbox is a window overlay that appears on top of a webpage and 10Web boast one of the most responsive lightboxes in the business. Giving you 15 different slideshow effects in their premium plans, 10Web gives you more tools so you can make your website awesome while still retaining fast loading speeds.

NextGEN Gallery

Active Installs: 700,000 Cost: $29 per year — 1 site $99 per year — 3 sites $139 per year — 5 sites $379 for lifetime — Unlimited sites NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular photo gallery plugins for WordPress, and it’s easy to see why. It comes with a ton of features that make creating, managing and displaying your photo galleries a breeze. While it’s pretty simple to use, there are still tons of great options that give you the ability to customize things like slideshows and lightboxes on top of giving you complete control over what is shown in each gallery view or album. Slideshows will help increase user engagement with your photos, and NextGEN Gallery makes it easy to create them with their drag-and-drop builder. You can also add videos, titles, descriptions, and more to make your slideshows look great. With 15 different lightbox effects that are all very responsive, you can make your galleries look great no matter what device they are on. The plugin also has tons of media options, giving you the ability to upload videos and audio files for albums or slideshows that can be viewed within NextGEN Gallery itself or linked to in another window. You get an unlimited number of photo album styles with this WordPress plugin and can choose from a variety of different thumbnail sizes to help your galleries look their best.

Modula Gallery

Active Installs: 100,000 Cost: $39 per year — 1 site $69 per year — 3 sites $99 per year — 5 sites With an emphasis on effects, Modula Gallery can have your photos looking crisp on your site in less than 5 minutes. Modula has a wide range of effects and filters that make it easy to create stunning and easily accessible photos. You can add photo loading and hovering effects too, giving your site that extra punch needed to wow your visitors. Modula also gives you the protection your photo galleries deserve. From password-locked galleries so only specific people can see your photos, to right-click protection so no downloads can be made, and even watermark additions so your photos are always listed as yours. Modula Gallery gives you the ability to create unlimited albums with your photos, videos, and even audio files. You can also add custom fields that will be included in each item’s metadata and use them however you need in either front-end or back-end views. Modula also has a great social feature that makes sharing your photos on different networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest easy! You can also choose what elements are shown when someone clicks the share button for each photo in either single or gallery view mode.

What Is the Best Option?

While all of these WordPress photo gallery plugins have features that are useful and extremely helpful to veteran and new website creators alike, we at Supsystic looked at the market that was currently available and set out to create the most user-friendly, fast and responsive photo gallery plugin that we could. We looked at all the available features and the cost many of our competitors were charging and said we wanted to set the bar high, which is why we created …

Active Installs: 50,000 Cost: Free version Pro starting at $46 per year — 1 site With Photo Gallery by Supsystic, you get unbelievable value and easy-to-use features that are packed into the plugin. It’s perfect for people who want the tools and flexibility to showcase their photos and videos in a truly spectacular fashion. The top features we included in our plugin are:

  • Sort and search pictures by content, choose the category and find the appropriate image
  • Add custom tags to each image
  • Display a few photos at first while the rest of the photos can load in the background and improve the page load speed
  • Display images on multiple pages, speeding up your load time and making it easy to browse your gallery for users
  • Save bandwidth and make your gallery load faster, helping to speed up your website
  • Import images from Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and FTP
  • Upload videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and even self-hosted videos
  • Optimize your galleries for any device, including mobile
  • Represent galleries with social sharing and so much more

All of these features come in our Pro plans with many also being included in our free plugin. For a full list of what is included in each plan, visit our plugin page here.

The Supsystic Difference

As a developer of many WordPress plugins, we wanted to give our photo gallery the best tools and services available. We make it super easy to download the Supsystic Gallery WordPress plugin, upload it to your WordPress plugins directory, and activate it. We offer our plugins in over 15 different languages, so no matter where you are in the world, you can understand everything our plugins can do. You can even contact us to translate our plugins into a language we don’t already provide, and we will give you a premium license absolutely free! Speaking of free, we want you to try out not only our free version of Photo Gallery but also our Pro version! That’s right — you can try all of the features mentioned above absolutely FREE for 30 days. With over 3,600 five-star reviews and 3.5 million downloads on all of our plugins, Supsystic is the trusted choice for your photo gallery. Try out all of the WordPress photo gallery plugins and see which one works best for you. [Download the Pro Supsystic WordPress Gallery Plugin] [See All Supsystic WordPress Plugins]

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