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Map Adding in PopUp Window

You can place map not only on the page, but in the popup window. To do this you also need to use Popup by Supsystiс plugin. Follow next steps to create amazing map located in popup:

  1. Install and activate Popup by Supsystiс plugin;
  2. Create a popup by any template with text fields;Nearly all templates have such fields. They located on Texts tab. If there is no tab in popup settings – choose different template.

  3. Copy shortcode of your map;
  4. Go to Texts tab and paste shortcode into any text field;Important! The map will not be visible during popup preview – to see map you need to view popup on site page. Besides text field should be large enough to hold map, so it is better to use text blocks to paste map shortcode.

  5. Specify other popup settings;
  6. Apply changes by clicking on “Save” button.
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