Bx Builder

Bx module of Slider plugin by Supsystic offers to users amazing PRO feature – Slider Template Builder. It allows to you change appearance of slider and add to it visual effects.

To edit WordPress Slider plugin in visual mode – click “Builder” button.

Bx Builder

Here you can specify settings for –

  • Viewport
  • Caption
  • Buttons

  1. Viewport – adds border to slider for which you can specify:
    • Style – you can set a solid or dashed line;
    • Width – thickness of border in pixels;
    • Color – adjust any color for slider border.
  2. BxBuilder Viewport

  3. Caption – adjusts appearance of slides captions, namely:
    • Text align – left, right or center position of caption;
    • Text color – color of caption text;
    • Text size; – size of caption text;
    • Text animation – how caption will be shown at slide;
    • Text in effects – emergence of caption;
    • Text out effects – hiding of caption;
    • Background color – color of caption background.
  4. stb_2

  5. Buttons – sets type of control buttons for slides scrolling:
    • Circle Arrows
    • Little Arrows;
    • Standart Big;
    • Standart Small;
    • Circle Little;
    • Square Big;
    • Fast;
    • Little;
    • Go Small.


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