Swiper Slider

Exploring Supsystic Slider Plugin you have wonderfull abilities to create beautifull content. One of these abilities is to change slider module to the Swiper. For this you need to click Change Slider and choose appropriate one, than all you need is to add images and adjust Slider Settings.

When you choose Swiper Slider you can do the next Swiper Slider:

    • Name your slider and copy Shortcode
    • Height and Width of the slider in pixels
    • Show pictures Cyclically
    • Establish the number of Slides per view

Swiper Slider Settings

    • Elect Pagination typeProgress, Bullets and Fraction
    • Disable / Enable Mousewheel Control
    • Choose transition effect between slides – Slide, Cube, Coverflow or Flip. If you choose Coverflow then clarify Stretch, Depth and Rotate parameters for the slideshow
    • Turn on or turn off the SlideShadows – auto navigation between slides
    • Specify Slider Arrows Color with a colorpicker
    • Disable or enable Autostart Slideshow

Swiper Slider Adjustments

Also your can explore Advansed Swiper settings.

  • Next Button class selector
  • Prev Button class selector
  • Scrollbar selector class selector
  • Scroll bar Hide
  • Pagination selector class selector

Swiper Advanced Options

  • Space Between
  • Set auto Height
  • Free Mode
  • Prevent Clicks
  • Prevent accidental unwanted clicks

Advanced Swiper Options

If you Enabble Social Sharing, you will be able to tune:

  • Buttons Project
  • Slider Sharing
  • Buttons Position
  • Image Sharing
  • Buttons Position
  • Buttons Align

Slider Social Sharing

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