Creating table with big data

Many of our Data Table plugin users have faced with a problem of big tables output. As we have mentioned numerous times, our plugin doesn’t have any limitations on amounts of data. BUT you server may do.

Such restrictions can be provided exactly by server – from:

  • PHP – there may be just lack of such amount of memory
  • database – MySQL – server may just not transfer the data at all
  • client end – even if server manages to generate needed table, current browser may not be able to draw such a big table. This may be true even for the most modern PCs.

To please your needs, we have developed an ability to create tables with a huge amount of data. Our Data Table plugin is using server-side processing technology.

To cut long story short, it’s working due to dividing data into parts and performing with only that part, which is needed in this current moment for each page.

But how would you create a big table now? Let’s look through a short tutorial

  1. Create table. Most likely, you’d like to import such a large amount of data from a single file, so, we’ll need to use the “Import” button

Import table button

2. Choose your file and wait for it to be imported.

3. Select checkbox with Server-Side Processing in Pagination menu of Settings

server-side processing

3. Don’t worry, if full data isn’t shown on backend – try to copy shortcode and try it in a real page (not in preview) – on frontend all data will be output in a right way.

You can see the example by following this link.


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