Custom Buttons

You can find Custom Buttons on the Main Settings Tab of our Gallery. They allow you to establish personal design for Load More Button, Pagination and Categories Buttons. Push Show preset Editor to see the settings for this option.

Gallery Custom Buttons Configurations

Custom Buttons option of Gallery by Supsystic allows you to choose the ready style for your button or to make your own special style. Here you can:

  • Select or/and Edit one of the Preset Examle
  • Set a name for Custom class
  • Choose the Color for Text and Background
  • Define Font Family, Weight and Size
  • Choose the Vertical and Horizontal padding
  • Elect Border Style, its Width, Color and Radius

Custom Buttons Preset

After all changes you can simply Save them or Save as Preset for your personal buttons design. If you desided to save your own preset, click Save as Preset, then in popup enter it’s Name, press Save and your personal preset will appear in the Preset list on the rigth of Preset Editor for all Supsystic Galleries on your site.

Custom Buttons Preset Name

Also you can delete any excessive Preset example from your Preset Editor’s list by clicking on the “X” button near the example.

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