How to enable subscription to Vtiger?


To enable Vtiger subscription service you have to follow next steps.

  1. Insert your Vtiger URL and your Vtiger UsernameInsert URL and your Username in VtigerYou can find your Vtiger URL in the address bar of your browserYour Vtiger URL
  2. Go to Vtiger Account -> My Prefences and scroll down to User Advanced Options. Access Key is your API Key, copy itVtiger API Key
  3. Insert API Key in the PopUp plugin settings windowInsert Vtiger API Key

Custom fields

Also you can add Custom fields which will be shown in your pop up. To do it follow the next steps:

  1. Open your Vtiger page and go to Menu -> Contacts.
  2. Click on Customize button on the top right corner and select Contacts Fields & LayoutCustomize contacts Vtiger
  3. There will be a list of already existing fields grouped in bloks. Choose a block of information where you want to add your field and click either Add custom field or Add buttonAdd custom field Vtiger
  4. Insert name and length for new field and click SaveNew field settings Vtiger
  5. Find the custom field you’ve just created among other fields and make mouse right-click on its boxRight-click on the box
  6. Browser’s inspector window will open and you’ll need to find the code for this field, it looks like this: data-field-name=”cf_1168“, where cf_1168 is a code for your field. Copy this code in quotes Find and copy field code
  7. Go to PopUp plugin setting window and open Subscribe tab of that pop up where you want to add Custom field. Click on Add buttonAdd custom field Vtiger
  8. In the Name field insert the code of your custom field what you copied in step 6 New custom field settings
  9. Add label for this field, click ‘OK’ and save changes.

Now in pop up your visitors will see your new Custom field.

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