Сategories feature of gallery

Categories feature is included in the PRO version of Gallery by Supsystic. Categorize images in your grid gallery!

Step 1: Create Categories for your Images

First you need to add tags for the categories:

Images list button in WordPress Gallery

    1. Click on “Images list”.
    2. For each photo choose Categories tab.
    3. Add a tag for all images.

 Categories tab Photo Gallery
Also you can add categories in a bulk. Use the option above the list of photos.


  1. Choose Create New Category.
  2. Write Category name.
  3. Tick the required photos for this category.
  4. Press Apply button.

Step 2: Configure the Categories option

Afterwards activate “Enable” radio button opposite the “Show Categories” option on the Categories tab.

Сategories option includes such capabilities:

  • Hide “all” category
  • Enable shuffling animation of images. (If you enable posts layout on the Posts tab – this feature will not be available).
  • Set the duration of animation.
  • Define the position of categories – over or under the gallery.
  • Determine the alignment of categories.
  • Set Categories order

In order to customize appearance of categories – on the Main tab find “Custom Buttons” option and activate it. Click “Show preset Editor” and choose the preset for categories or create your own preset.

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