Using pagination feature of gallery

Pagination feature of gallery is included in the PRO version of Gallery by Supsystic. Make your image gallery easier to use with pagination option of grid gallery wordpress plugin!

Create “page by page” Gallery

Activate “Enable” radio button opposite the “Pagination” option on the Categories tab.

At first you need to set the number of images per page. As well you have the opportunity to:

  • Set the position of buttons – top or bottom.
  • Define the alignment of pagination.

In order to customize appearance of pagination – on the Main tab find “Custom Buttons” option and activate it. Click “Show preset Editor” and choose the preset or create your own preset. Enter the name of your preset and specify the settings that you need. Here you can:

  • select the background color for container or hide it. Сontainer – the area where the categories will be shown ;
  • select the background color for text or hide it;
  • select the color of text or use color, based on your theme;
  • set overall vertical and horizontal padding for the categories;
  • set the font weight and size;
  • define the border width for the categories;
  • select the border type;
  • choose the border color;
  • define the border radius for the categories.

After configuring the settings click “Save” button.

Pagination option is not available, when the vertical type of gallery is set.

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