Import Galleries to another website

You have ability to import your galleries from one website to another. For this you need to follow next steps:

  1. Install and activate Gallery plugin by Supsystic on the website on which you want to import galleries.
  2. Find and copy all tables from the database with “supsystic” gallery name. For example – wp_gg_photos_settings – you need to copy all tables with gg_ part before database prefix in the name of your database tables.
  3. Transfer content of these tables to the new site database where you want to import galleries.
  4. Go to /wp-content/uploads/ of your one site, copy and paste all gallery images to the same directories on your new site.

After all these settings, please, check parameters of options table in your database using this request –

SELECT * FROM options
where option_name in (‘upload_url_path’, ‘upload_path’,’siteurl’)

And you need to check values in your database in the wp options table or using such link:


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