Mailrelay Integration


To enable Mailrelay Subscription Service you have to follow next steps:

  1. Go to Popup Subscribe tab and on the Subscribe to section choose Mailrelay service.
  2. Insert Mailrelay Host and Mailrelay Api Key for your Mailrelay account.
  3. Subscribe to Mailrelay in Popup

  4. Generate Mailrelay Api Key in the Settings tab ->API access in the end of the list.
  5. Mailrelay API access

  6. Choose a list for subscribe.

Mailrelay Lists for subscribe

Custom fields

Also you can add Custom fields which will be shown in your Popup. To do it follow the next steps:

  1. Go to your Mailrelay page and click on Settings -> Custom fields in the end of the list.
  2. Mailrelay Settings list

  3. Click on Add button.
  4. Add field position, title, select field type and click Save.
  5. Mailrelay Custom fields

  6. Copy ID value from table.
  7. Mailrelay Custom fields list

  8. Go to PopUp plugin settings and open Subscribe tab. Find Subscribtion fields tab and click on Add button:
  9. Popup Subscription field

  10. In the Name parameter insert f_ID, where ID is your ID from step 4.
  11. Popup Subscribe Field Settings

  12. Add label for this field, click ‘OK’ and save changes.

Now, you are able to check your subscribers by clicking on the Mailrelay Subscribers tab.

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