Popup In Pricing Table

As soon as you need to show popup on click, not in simple place but in Pricicng Table by Supsystic. There is a way to do Popup in Pricing Table:

    1. Open the needed Popup
    2. Select Open popup on click and copy second code –

      and Save changes
    3. Open the needed Pricing Table
    4. Open dev tool, for example by Clicking F12 in Chrome browser, and choose Element Tab
    5. Choose element picker and click on the button your want to show popup after clicking on it
    6. Insert inside this button code the code you have copied in popup, so it will look like thisPopup in Pricing Table
    7. Save changes of the current Pricing Table
    8. Then open your theme file footer.php for editing via FTP or through WordPress admin area Appearance->Editor
    9. Add there a line:

      Where id=1 – 1 is your popup id number
Note! this code must be inserted above the line – php wp_footer();
For example, in Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme: Theme Footer (footer.php):

Popup in footer php

  1. And Save changes
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