Markers List types

You can describe in more detail the places marked on the map and switch easy between markers by changing the style of markers list. This feature is available in PRO version of plugin.

With Ultimate Maps your locations can be displayed on map (as markers) and a slider carousel (as locations details) or even in list with a filter.

In order to enable Markers list of your markers – find “Markers List” option on Map Properties tab and select markers list type. Our Ultimate plugin allows you to choose different markers list types:

  • Slider carousel with image and text description
  • Slider carousel with images
  • Vertical slider carousel with text description
  • Vertical slider carousel with images
  • Vertical slider carousel with images
  • Vertical slider carousel with thumbnails in 2 columns
  • Table list
  • Sidebar filter for markers categories

Map Sidebar categories

To make the map with a markers list, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Add text, images, links, etc. to markers description.
  2. On the Map Properties tab find Markers List option and click Select Markers List type button.Markers list
  3. Select the type of markers list for displayed near the map and don’t forget to save changes.
    Marker List Types
  4. If you selected one of marker list, you can customize them.
  • Main Marker List Settings:Marker List Main Settings
    • Markers List Color – choose the color of Markers List(the green color is default)Markers List Color
    • Hide empty blocks – allows you to hide markers without description
    • Enable markers list loop – is looping your marker listEnable markers list loop
    • Collapse markers list on mobile – allows you to collapse your markers in the drop-down list.Collapse markers list on mobile


  • Autoplay options:

Autoplay options

    • Enable or Disable Autoplay
    • Steps – steps to go for each autoplay request. Possible value can be 1, 2, -1, -2
    • Idle – interval to go for next slide since the previous stopped if the slider is auto-playing, the default value is 3000
    • Duration – specifies default duration (swipe) for slide in milliseconds, the default value is 160Autoplay options
  1. For Table list type and Sidebar filter type, you need to set the categories for markers also.

You can get more information and look all the examples of different markers list types and some more.

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