Ultimate Maps widget

With a Ultimate Maps you can add a widget with a map to your page.

When a map is created and you wish to explore it in Widget zones, start to follow the instruction below:

  • In the WordPress navigation menu choose Appearance and Widgets. Find the Ultimate Maps in the list of the available widgets.
  • Select a widget zone you want to display the map.
  • Drag the Ultimate Maps widget and drop it in that area.

Here you can see main settings for Map widgets by Supsystic:

  • From the dropdown list, Select a map, you’ve created before in Google maps Plugin by Supsystic, that you want to be shown.


  • Widget Map width. When you designate selection, you may need to adjust the width of it in percents or in pixels, so we put it in the next field.
  • The next will be Map height number that have to be entered in pixels.
  • Map Center. If you need a specific part, indicate coordinates, that are split by semicolons or use marker id.
  • Map zoom. To point out desired scale, type zoom parameter from 1 to 21 level.
  • Display as image. Tick the next field and you will see you map on the site like image with parameters below, and after clicking it will appear as a popup. If you don’t want popups, please don’t tiсk.




Here we added Ultimate Maps widget to the footer sidebar for demonstration:

widget ultimate maps

Also we have some more info how to use widget zones with different plugins to improve your website.

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