Custom Fields Builder

With PRO feature you can easily customize Subscribe Fields!

Go to Subscribe tab -> Subscription Fields block. Here you can add any new fields which you want. In order to add new field to the WordPress Popup plugin by Supsystic follow the next steps:

  1. Click “Add” button.
  2. Enter the Name (key) for your field, this parameter is for system – to be able to determine the field. Use here only Latin letters, numbers, symbols -_+. Just below read more detailed rules of setting this value.
  3. Enter Label for field – it will be visible for your subscribers.
  4. Enter default Value for your field.
  5. Choose HTML type – text, email, text area, select box, checkbox or hidden field. This parameter will show – how we must render this field.
  6. Also here you have the ability to make field mandatory to fill-in. Simply check Mandatory option and then users will not be able to continue without filling-in this field.
  7. To finish the creation of new field – click “OK”.

Unlike the default fields (Name and Email), fields which you create independently – you can edit or delete in any moment.

Now more details about the rules.

Rules of setting value for Name field:

  1. You can use only – letters of Latin alphabet (in uppercase or lowercase), numbers, dash, underscore, plus.
  2. If for Subscription option WordPress is used – here you can find the list of standard field names for WordPress.

    WordPress field names


    Besides, if you want to expand the list – you can use plugins for adding extra fields or contact us.

  3. If you choose subscribe to other mail service or plugin – find the needed integration in this category and check the article. There you will find information about creation the custom fields for every subscribe engine.
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