Images for Slideshow Preparing

In order to create an incredible slider, at first you need to prepare your images.

  1. Determine the width and height of the slider.
  2. The width of the photos should be not less than the width of the slider.
  3. The height of the photos should be not less than the height of the slider too.

Best of all to pick up or make the pictures somewhere about size of slider or a little bit bigger.

But you can have a situation, when you prepare images for Slider, that you need to crop images. Here we have several important advices for you, if you want best photos:

  1. Before starting understand the main “theme” of your slideshow: last products, advertisement, the best photos or something other.
  2. Choose the subject of your images. Sounds weird, but sometimes the owner doesn’t know what to put on his site. Make sure that each photo has one subject on the focus! The best way, of course, to put it in the center. Prepare images for Slider and remember that customers like bright, understandable and simple photos! Crop your image to remove distractions and make sure the subject of your photo is the first thing people see on your slider!
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Another stuff is that you need to make a right color balance, not to forget about contrast etc. Make sure that your image looks like an attractive picture, which would be interesting for the potential guest of your site. Also prepare images for Slider and remember that your pictures should be not square, because the slider is horizontal! another important point is that editing images in WordPress can not bring you the result which you want.

Slider has a lot of different variations and options, themes and styles for customization. Don’t forget to try all of them, and prepare images for Slider variation that you like! Slider Plugin by Supsystic – check this page and find more useful tips!

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If you don’t want to prepare images for Slider or this process sounds for you like a long and dull – choose pictures from WordPress Media Library. Objects there are already ready for our slider and any type of this plugin. They are bright and are comply with all the laws of photos, favorably reflect items that are displayed on them.

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