Can I create a slider with different slide types?

Yes, you can use any combination of Slider by Supsystic slide types. For example you can have a slider with an image slide, a post feed slide, and a video slide. To create this simply add slides as you normally would, selecting the relevant slide type each time.

We offer you also a little info how to work with our Slider. Content sliders as our Slider by Supsystic became a big and constant part of modern web designing. All of us know, that the main concept of this art in the Internet is based on adding a visual effect. This effect should bring you more customers, usual users or just guests. So that Slider can help you a lot with your business and this small input make you a lot of profits. Now, the question is what are these sliders? Our Slider and all other same plugins are not anything like a set of navigation tools, that are used for customizing of your slider and presenting different information. Slider allows adding on the first plan any posts, videos from two main hostings (Youtube and vimeo), music, pictures and even images from the WordPress Media Library.

Various forms of slider by Supsystic is available to make your WordPress site more attractive and inspiring. Intelligent and responsive slider looks good on every gadget (even cell phone, tablet etc). Slideshows can be activated automatically or through the usage of some specific button or tab. Another nice surprise is that you are not limited in the number of your slideshows. As much as you want on your page, using a simple shortcode.

Create a slider with different slide types is possible and possible in different variations: specific themes, a lot of options for better usability etc. Slider will help you to create the elegant portfolio or photo gallery. The design of this grid would be aesthetics perfectly echoes with the overall theme, while simple control buttons provide users with an intuitive tool for browsing through this section.

If all this info is not enough for you – no problem, don’t worry! You can find more about our plugin – Slider Plugin by Supsystic can be appropriate for all your requirements. Check out also the video tutorial of installation – we hope you will have no questions after this!

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