Twenty Fifteen Theme

Twenty Fifteen theme is a professional WordPress theme of our Slider plugin by Supsystic, that we have integrated from the most professional details, have collected the advantages of all other themes. Twenty Fifteen theme is appropriate for different purposes of your requirements. Twenty Fifteen theme is compatible with your business or personal site. This theme design covered business site, portfolio, galleries, interior design, photography, eCommerce, magazine, company and more.

Strong and bright, colorful images are a must-have of this season and any other season as well for any website, but even more so if you run a business and have an e-commerce site you need to promote your work or sell a product\service online.
To choose and save the Twenty Fifteen theme for your slideshow and your blog/site you need to follow next instruction. It’s not a very hard task and you can do it by yourself without help of any professional programmers.

Recommended slideshow settings:

  • Width: 990
  • Height: 620


  1. Go to Appearance -> Editor. Select header.php from the right menu.
  2. Find:
    <div id="content" class="site-content">
  3. Insert below:
        if (is_home() || is_front_page()) {
            echo do_shortcode(""); // replace 1 with your slideshow ID
  4. Save the changes.

If all this info is not enough for you – no problem, don’t worry! You can find more about our plugin and its themes – Slider Plugin by Supsystic can be appropriate for all your requirements. Check out also the video tutorial of installation – we hope you will have no questions after this!

Important! If you still have some additional questions, want read some more articles or come to our forums – check out Slider Documentation page. There you also can find a theme integration instruction and other useful links. Don’t forget to look through our FAQ page. Maybe we already have an answer to your question!

There are lots of premium WordPress themes online waiting you buy. Some of them are worth it, some are not. We even think that you have tried several and didn’t like it. Just because people say you something, you can’t use it forever. You decided to use a really Premium theme for your site? Here it is. Twenty Fifteen theme is a responsive web-design theme for any device and purpose of your design. It has tons of options for customizing and changing it for yiur own needs and a bright design, which is really inspiring and bright. A lot of free themes are really ugly, dull, cluttered and even boring, but Twenty Fifteen theme is a new word in the world of web-designing for WordPress.

The website built using Twenty Fifteen theme would be supereasy to build and is very simplistic in design, the visitors would like to see the whole content clearly. At least they would stay in your site advertisement or just a gallery and a grid. Tons of theme options allow changing and manipulating literally everything in the site. A responsive theme design means it will adjust the layout of this theme according to the screen size of the media.

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