Video Slides

Video slides are a slide type included in the PRO version of Slider by Supsystic. Slider plugin supports such platforms as Youtube and Vimeo. You were thinking about the multicity of your site? Pictures and galleries became boring? What about adding video? Or maybe you are a popular blogger with lots of vines and small videos? You want to show the process of your manufacturing? This Pro feature is definitely for you!

Video slides will display a video in your slideshow directly from Vimeo or Youtube. The video will automatically pause if the user skips to the next slide.

In less than 30 seconds your recent posts, featured images and videos would be united into one slider if you want to combine Video Slides with any other type. WordPress Slider by Supsystic creates dynamic slideshows of featured Posts, Pages, Media Images and Custom Videos on a WordPress site. With the preview you can see all the changes which you make on your slider. We have developed sliders for different needs and requirements of our users and we know the details of our work very well. Video Slides are the part of Slider WordPress plugin, using the shortcode, one can embed Video slides in combination with any other template of Slider anywhere on the site.

Video Slides are really very compliant and can be united with other sliders. Compatibility of Video Slides with:

  • Bx slider ✔
  • Coin slider ✘
  • Jssor slider ✔

Adding a new Video slide to your slideshow

  1. Click on “Add Video” button.

    Add video to WordPress Slider

  2. Paste Video URL. Video Slides supports two main hostings in the internet: Youtube and Vimeo.

    Import video to WordPress Slider

  3. Click “Import“.
  4. Video will appear in the Media block at the left side. Then you change the place of your video slide and combine it with images into the gallery.

Choose something another, that can fit to your requirements. Slider has a lot of different variations and options, themes and styles for customization. Examples of Slider Plugin by Supsystic for every site it can be unique.

You have produced or done incredible things or unbelievable services? Prove it! Get our Video Slides as the easiest way to showcase your Youtube and Vimeo videos. The same way is to showcase your updates on the site or youtube channel. Copy and paste video links in this simple way and create a fully custom, mobile responsive slider. Make your site perfect from thumbnails and sites to the last second of your video and navigation. Video slides are perfect for product demos, education sites, eCommerce sites, online portfolios, art galleries, or event pages, band pages, online curriculum, and more.

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