Zoom and Center the Initial Map on Markers

There are a few different ways to zoom and centralize map.

Live preview

The easiest one is to drag your map if the draggable option is turned on. The same way you can zoom map with “Zoom control” as you want or if you have “Mouse wheel to zoom” option turned on with mouse scroll. Make your live preview map version as you prefer seeing it on site and just copy/paste shortcode under your map.

Zoom control in WordPress Google Maps


The second way is to insert the additional code parts into the main shortcode.


With code help you can centralize map on one of your markers or on the exact coordinates. Write this string

Map with ID 0 not found

in your shortcode.

For example

Google Maps Wordpress

centralization in WordPress Google Maps

You can find out the id of the chosen marker in admin area under the map.

WordPress Google maps marker id


To zoom your map with shortcode you should add [zoom=”1-20″] in it.

For example

Google Maps Wordpress

zoom in WordPress Google Maps

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