Masonry, Polaroid, Horizontal Scroll Galleries

Photo Gallery by Supsystic is a cornerstone of many websites today, allowing you to showcase photographs, screenshots, illustrations, videos and more with amazing gallery to attract users. Try some of them right now.


Masonry. The main feature of the gallery is a display full-view images without cropping the height or width, which are not adjust in columns and rows. This type is perfect for image galleries, blog posts and portfolios to represent images with varied dimensions.



Polaroid. Using Polaroid Gallery you add unique view for your blog posts. Polaroid Gallery adds feeling of old good times. The images are placed on a white background with a caption underneath the images.

All you need to do is to create gallery and make some settings.

Be brandy and trendy with Polaroid layout of Photo Gallery Plugin!



Horizontal Scroll allows to scroll Images horizontally, left or right. This feature adds to your gallery simple smooth scrolling effect with supporting the mouse wheel. It’s perfect for photography website and design portfolio or just simple banner. The scroller can also be responsive and it’s fully configurable through the parameters.



Choose the right example for you or customize your own! Check the other WordPress Gallery Examples.