Albums and Tags Features

Albums feature is the great solution to organize photo galleries and make navigating through gallery content mach more easier with a help of Albums and Tags for images and videos.

Albums will help to find all necessary material in seconds. It allow you and users to separate and search pictures by it’s content and sense, choose the category and find appropriate image.   

This option is perfect for the presentation of your products or service and attract more users to your website or blog.

Have a look at the Albums Gallery by Supsystic and Create your own Gallery with albums to make your content a little more creative and sortible.



You can add custom tags to each image in your gallery to organize your content and sort it out.

This feature will display a list of tags above your gallery, and when a tag is clicked, it will show only the images tagged with that specific filter in a fancy, animated way. Photo Gallery with categories and tags is a really powerful functionality and a modern way to make your site user-friendly, easy and pretty interesting.