Keeping in touch with clients

Oct 09, 2018
keeping in touch with clients

keeping in touch with clients

Keeping in touch with clients

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Customers are like a baby. You need to accurately grow and care of them if you want to grow a smart and thankful child. This means you have to ensure that your customers are happy and well-served. But how you can know about that? The answer is to have regular contact with them. According to the Pareto law, 20% of your customers gain 80% of your profit. Moreover, it costs 5x times as much to attract the new consumer, than to keep an existing one. So, there are two main points:

  • What tools use to stay contact
  • What information should be sent

Let’s deal with everything step by step.  

What are the channels to keep in touch with clients?

Before you do anything else, segment all your customer’s database:

  • Define which users are new
  • Who is your regular customer
  • Who buys rarely but for large sums
  • Who makes small purchases but often, and so on.

This segmentation is varied from company to company and completely depend on your goals and the products which you sell. There is one advice: while creating a database, throw in some personal information about each client. For instance, client X is married, have two small children, boy, and girl. This means that when you will contact a client in the future, you can add a more personal touch. Only after that, you can start to explore all the available channels. The number of surveys shows that the most effective digital marketing tactics for customer retention are:

  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing

retention Based on this research, we define the following channels: e-mail, social nets, useful content.


E-mail is a tool of direct marketing, which has one of the highest conversions among other marketing channels. If you want to know more about the potential of e-mail marketing, please, read our recent blog post. Supsystic Newsletter plugin allows you to create bright and powerful e-mail campaigns. It has:

  • Simple builder
  • Unlimited number of emails
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Automatization
  • Statistics tools, and so on.

Also, if you are not sure about your design talent, our team prepare ready-to-use templates for the different situations. templates

Social nets

Today almost all business has a page on social media. Moreover, customers are used to the idea that social media is one of the fastest ways to contact a company. So, make sure you stay in touch with them by quickly responding to their issues. Also, it is important to regularly update your own profile so customers can see the progress of your work.


The blog is a good a powerful media channel to communicate with clients. Here you can post:

  • Tutorials
  • Advice
  • News
  • Make contests and interactive games
  • Share your personal experience

By the way, tell the clients about your winning and failures is a simple, indirect way to stay in touch with customers.  

What information should be sent?

News & Updates

E-mail and social nets are the great tools for informing your consumers about different changes in working policy or new updates. The good point here is to enable your customers to share your news in the social network through the social share buttons. It will help you to make news more viral and interactive. Supsystic Social share buttons plugin allows you to integrate with more than 20 social networks and customize their appearance.

Gifts or special offers

What is the best way to show the person that you are thinking about him? Try to make an unexpected gift, and you will see a big smile on his face! The same is with your client. For example, if a client buys an autumn coat, perhaps you send a coupon or discount on the accessories in the e-mail. gift

Personalized cards

It is a good point to develop the relations with VIP clients. Such customers like the company interact with them offline showing that they are special. So, you can send a personalized card on the holiday with a small gift. Promise, they will remember you! postcard

Get the access to special content or product selling

Content marketing is a great tool to give a piece of valuable and additional information, which can help you consumers doing their business. For this purpose, we recommend you to use Supsystic Membership plugin. It allows you to add user profiles and create advanced online communities segmented by similar groups. Our plugin has a lot of additional extensions:

  • Content restriction
  • Woocommerce and social network integration
  • Features for e-commerce
  • Subscription option
  • Social login

  The last advice is to be sincere appreciation to your customers. For example, be thankful if someone recommends your site their friends or through referrals. Put in the efforts to develop strong relations, it’s worth it.  

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