Why Newsletter Is an Efficient E-Marketing Tool

Aug 07, 2017
Newsletter Is an Efficient E-Marketing Tool

Why Newsletter Is an Efficient E-Marketing Tool

Newsletter in E-marketing has a different meaning than a print newsletter. Although printed newsletters are sometimes used by online businesses and blogs, it is not typical to use this kind of promotion tool in e-marketing. Newsletter in e-marketing is a way to reach your audience that you gather from your (or another) website in a special way. It is not just sending your news and post updates in emails – it has nothing common with RSS feed. It is about sending unique and interesting content which can be related but not pasted from your main resource to your audience. E-mail marketing tool The main question arisen when I propose this kind of promotion is – “Why do I have to run newsletter and subscribe my audience to it?”. You need to run newsletter to expand your email list. You may ask why can’t you just add all your website users to your email list – especially if most of your users need to sign in to use your service. Well, the reason is that in that case your newsletter will be considered as a spam – and that’s what you would never want to happen. Once you start emailing without getting permission from users trust to your service and to what you write or say decreases dramatically. So once you run a newsletter in an appropriate way you get your email base growing. There is a reason for bringing efforts to increase your email list – you become more reputable for user when you send him a letter per a week, than any other source he meets on the Internet. This trust you gain can be monetized easily – as you both have more chances to sell or make an efficient call-to-action campaign among users in your email list. One more reason to make an email base – this is the audience that is likely to never disappear. Usually, email is used for years and being changed only case of emergency or hacking attack which happens rarely. So having these emails will let you keep in touch with your audience if your resource is up to close or you change the field of work. E-marketing with newsletter In fact, monetizing email list of users that subscribed to your newsletter on their own is much more easier than earning on the list of clients using their phones or emails if they did not subscribe. However, you need to consider that you should treat your audience carefully. Once you begin monetizing your client base it is very important to make sure the content you provide for monetization purposes is still useful. If your monetization policy becomes too aggressive, consider that you will begin to lose trust, subscribers and income. That’s why you need to be very moderate when it is about monetization.

Why Do I have to Run a Newsletter to Collect a List of Users?

Well, you surely can avoid all difficulties that arise when you run a newsletter and just collect list of emails from your website or even from related websites. It is an option as well. Mail The reason why such an approach appears to be a bad idea is the fact that such a list of emails – is no more than list of emails if you do not provide constant and permanent mailout. these users have no trust to you and they may even not remember you as a service provider. Due to this reason your letters can be treated like a spam. Therefore all the work you have done previously becomes useless. So you need to motivate users to subscribe to your newsletter mailout. The content of newsletter must be catchy – no matter what is inside. It may even be barely relevant to your business/blog subject – the main condition it must be interesting.

Why cannot replace Newsletter with RSS Email Subscription?

RSS is about informing your subscribers about updates on your blog or website. This is for users that do not want to miss new content on your website having no time to surf for new posts and content on the daily basis. So they subscribe to RSS feed. While Newsletter is another content – which may not relate to your main service at all. So this is the core difference. You can offer new product not related to your service in your newsletter which is not recommended to do in your blog/website. And what’s more – you should give choice to your user – whether to become your subscriber or not, whether to subscribe to all of your services or not. Such a strategy gives more results than regular spammy politics.

Starting Your Own Newsletter

Here is the simple guide for those who want use the newsletter e-marketing tool for their businesses. So the process starts with choosing software solution for customizing and running newsletter. Newsletter by Supsystic Plugin is an appropriate tool for launching newsletter. This is an example of template which can be edited in Super Builder. Notification Newsletter Template Try out this tool to see numerous options for letter design.

Step 1. Install Newsletter by Supsystic Plugin

As a matter of a fact this is the most optimal choice if you run WordPress website/blog. It is functional enough to satisfy all your needs and customizable as well, so you do not have to fit to it. So plugin installation will take couple of minutes.

Step 2. Catch Subscribers

Now you need to design a subscribe form and set a page where it will appear. Newsletter Subscribe Forms Firstly, you need to choose among available templates. The choice is not wide, but do not be concerned about this. All in all, there is a constructor awaiting for you to customize the form. Choose Form in Newsletter After you made a choice and specified form’s name you can customize form’s appearance. You will be satisfied with the number of available options. Newsletter Subscription Lists Afterwards you can assign names to form’s fields and set up invalid error message. Newsletter Fields tab At last, you can customize submit options. Pay attention to Lists for Subscribe field – it is the most important here as you can choose the group(s) subscriber will be assigned to. However, we will consider it later. Newsletter Submit Options Luckily, Newsletter by Supsystic has corresponding option and you can both design form using GUI or your skills in HTML/CSS. Newsletter CSS tab

Step 3. Subscription Lists

If you are already skilled e-marketer you surely have several subscription lists that you can include to this plugin. Whether you have lists or not this function allows you both to collect new subscribers and import old ones. Newsletter Subscription List So let’s press Add List and customize new list which we can call Newsletter Subscribers. New Subscribers List Now we can set up the list content: Subscription List We can leave all fields blank if there are no users we can assign to this group or we can add users both from text using import button and from CSV file. We also can add subscribers from our MailChimp’s list if integration is provided. We only need to press Import Tool to do that.

Step 4. Create Newsletter

Now when we have subscription form created and lists assigned for each we can get to newsletter creation. Create WordPress Newsletter As you can see we have a choice of templates. After template, name and list are chosen we can proceed to the next step.

Step 5. Set Up Newsletter

Newsletter is created. You can find and edit it in Newsletters list. At first letter needs to be edited. It is easy – you just have to press the Edit Template button on the upper right corner. Edit Newsletter Template Once you enter newsletter editor Newsletter Super Boilder You can customize letter and make it look just like you need. Content is edited easily and once you finish press save to finish. On the Main Page you can customize several important options related to the time of sending. Main Tab of Newsletter You can both set sending by pressing Send button or choose permanent updated newsletter sending on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (or immediately). You can also decide whether you need analytics options to be provided. Set up Send Options once and forever for each letter to make sure it will find recipient in a way you need it to happen. Newsletter Send Options You can choose Group of subscribers you want to get this letter in Recipients section. Recipients Tab of Newsletter plugin

Step 6. Set Up Technical details

On the Settings Page there are several options you need to set up as well. Those are mostly concerned about the way subscriber will be met after login and technical details for newsletter sending. Newletter Settings Tab Once you decide to make a newsletter you need to make sure you have a content-plan prepared for at least a month. As it is very hard to find and structurize catchy content that fits to your niche and is able to increase subscribers’ involvement. So dealing with email marketing in this way can be rather hard but rewarding as well. Make sure you are ready with content and that you have a reliable tool to make your plans come true. Newsletter plugin by Supsystic which includes a lot of awesome templates and sending settings helps you to increase your subscribers. Check all documentation about this plugin.

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