Add Awesome Thumbnails Navigation to Slider

Want your site be even more bright and catching? Your visual part of the site can be better? Last customers said that interface of your gallery is dull and not easy? Adding slider with thumbnails. Slider has a lot of different themes and options for customizing, and the Thumbnails slider has one additional point: Pro version. Such a scroller is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). You will be able to insert it in any page or post you want with an inbuilt short-code generator.

Don’t like overage cheapest choice? Want only best of the best? Always get VIP best variant for your site – Pro version will make your life easier and brighter.

So, here is bright example of the slider with Thumbnails navigation:

In order to create Slider with Thumbnails Navigation you need:

  1. Create New or open slider with Thumbnails navigation and add pics there.
  2. Such Slider you can set only for jssor slider. Therefore you need to chose it.Click “Change slider” button, if there is another type selected, then choose Jssor module and click “Change” button.
  3. Customize your future slider with thumbnails, here is a list of all the options:
    • Width and height of slider;
    • Mode – type of transition between slides – Horizontal or Vertical;
    • Arrows – a huge variety of arrows for navigation, also you can disable it;
    • Bullet control – includes a wide range of bullet points, you can enable this option in order to control the navigation of slides using bullet points;
    • Responsive size slider with thumbnails – enable or disable auto resize of the slider. Useful if you need to use fixed width sliders;
    • Thumbnails slider navigation – enable the navigation control with thumbnails of images, which is much simplify and speed up access to all images of the slider by supsystic;
    • Slideshow – enable auto navigation between slides;
    • Slideshow Speed;
    • Select Shadow – choose one of the box shadow effects, which were first designed in Photoshop and then implemented using CSS3
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If you want to know more about Sliders with Thumbnails Navigation follow PRO example orthis one. Also you can heck out other Slider Examples here.

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