Can we show popup only when user is scrolling?

The option to show popup when user is scrolling maybe useful on every site. It will attract the attention of user, who is scrolling it without any thoughts or don’t want to buy some products. The best place for advertisement, discounts or even subscriptions tables is popup by Supsystic!

How to find this option, if you want to make PopUp with such a feature?

If you want to choose and create your new Popup in the Iframe style, follow the next steps:

  • Choose Popup by Supsystic on your admin panel of the WordPress admin page.
  • Find there an insert “Add new PopUp” and choose theme that you want.
  • Type the name of future Popup and click the button “Save”.

Then you will see another window with several option inserts like: “Main”, “Design”, “A/B Testing”, “Statistics”, “CSS/HTML Code”.

Your choice is Main insert and a “When To Show PopUp” directory, there find Scroll Window option (choose the delay and percents of total scroll).

Settings Scroll

All the changes you can see by the button “Preview” before you update it on your site. If you like the result – Save your new Popup and insert the shortcode into the main code of the WordPress page, where you want it be.

WordPress PopUp brings a proven solution for effective advertising to your site or network. Introduce mailing lists, exclusive offers and other advertisements to your clients, users or visitors with a polished pop-up ad.

Tired of going through thousands of WordPress popups plugins to see which one is the best?

Well, try the Iframe Popup by Supsystic plugin, it is exactly what you need! Our perfect WordPress popup plugin is fully responsive, fast, easy to use, and have all the necessary features that you need to create amazing advertising campaigns, grids and galleries. When you create a popup, you are immediately shown the shortcode that you can use to add the gallery on any WordPress post or page.

Popup by Supsystic includes tons of cool options available to you! Check more variants for your own site WordPress Popup examples.

Don’t forget, that if you have some questions, want FAQs or any kind of an additional information – go through the page Popup plugin for WordPress pages by Supsystic

We did a great job only for you, we looked at the popup plugins that were out there already, we saw that they were either too complicated to set up, or that they didn’t have the functionality that we were looking for. So we decided to code our own! The PopUp by Supsystic includes all you need: easy installing, intuitive understandable interface and challenging design. Make the site better than it was before with WordPress plugin Popup!

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