Categories Configurations

Categories were made to help you and your site guests divide and search pictures by it’s content and sense. On the front end categories plays essential role: your site visitor may choose the category he/she is interested in and find appropriate image —

You can find Categories Settings on Image list above the photos. It allows to Create, Add and Delete tags for image categories.

Categories in a bulk in WordPress Gallery plugin

  1. Choose Create New Category.
  2. Write Category name.
  3. Tick the required photos for this category.
  4. Press Apply button.

Add category in WordPress Gallery plugin

To Add another one Category to the pics, that don’t have it, follow next:

  1. Select Add Category.
  2. Choose the category you want to add.
  3. Tick the required photos for this category.
  4. Add Category Test

  5. Press Apply button.

Category Created

In the case you want to Delete Category

  1. Elect Delete Category.
  2. Tick the category you want to delete.
  3. Select the photos which you want free from this category.
  4. Delete Category

  5. Click on Apply button.

Category Deleted

To rename category follow next instruction:

  1. Choose all pictures
  2. Elect Rename Category action
  3. Select category you want to rename
  4. Enter new category name
    Rename Category
  5. Click Apply

    Category Renamed

Also you can edit Category Buttons design using Custom Buttons option. To enable Categories on the front end read more here.

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