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Create Publication with WordPress Gallery feature

Digital publication plugin aims to make the process of creation publication easy for WordPress users. You can create your pages with WordPress Media Library.

Wordpress Flipbooks Add images from WP Gallery
It’s really easy to add images:

  1. Click Select Image button and you will see WordPress Media Library.
  2. Choose images you need and click Insert into post.

Now you’ll see the page with your image pages, where you can do next actions with them:

  • If you need to add more images – click Select Image again and choose more images
  • If you want to add another images and don’t need alrewady selected ones anymore – click Clear button and add images that you need
  • When you don’t need to clear all pages, but want to delete one – place your mouse over the image and above it trash bin symbol will appear. Just click it
  • Rename your image. It’s really easy too, just place your mouse in Name cell – delete old name and write new
  • After you choose name for your images, you can sort them by name – from A to Z or conversely. Click Sort by Title button for this

And when you finish all preparations with your images – it’s time to Create Pages.

WordPress Gallery Publication

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