Import already existing pages / posts

If you have already created post or pages and want to import them in the publication – it’s more than easy. Because Digital publication plugin provides an ability to Import existing pages for publication creation.

 existing pages
In order to add existing pages for your publication you need:

  • Move to the Import Pages tab
  • Select the posts /pages from the drop-down list of existing content.
  • Press the Save button and selected post and pages will appear in All Pages tab, where you are able to set their order, edit or remove pages.
  • For correct displaying text page on the frontend, you need to set  as a colour or image
  • Make other required settings.
  • Look at Preview and Save when you are ready.
  • Find the shortcode of publication on the Publications page with a list of all WordPress Flipbooks or on the Properties tab of your publication. Copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page and WordPress Flipbook by Supsystic plugin will automatically create the publication on your page.
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