Why my formula doesn’t work properly?

If you have some problem with formula in our Data Tables plugin – it is not working at all or partially – please, take into account the most common causes of formula failure:

  1. Check delimiter in the formula – if there is coma – change it to semi-colon (“;”).
  2. Making Formula in Data Table Generator Editor

  3. If something is taken in quotation marks, then they must be double – for example – “Over Budget”:
  4. IF formula example in WordPress Tables Generator

  5. Some formulas are sensitive to the type of incoming data so you need to check particularly your data and data type.
  6. Also clean cache of your browser, cache of Data Tables plugin and cookies.

If you still have some questions, contact us via internal support or check if your problem has already been resolved on our forum.

More details about how to create a formula in WordPress Data Tables Generator you can learn here “How to use formulas in tables”.

Also you can check all List of formulas supported by Data Tables plugin by Supsystic.

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