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Popup on mobile device

They say mobile popups are dead, but Supsystic team absolutely disagrees on this. Let’s get deeper into a problem, and look, what can be done for resurrection!

So, what’s wrong with pop-ups on mobile devices?


Covering content, making it inaccessible to a user from the very beginning

What does our plugin offer you on this point?

You can determine delay for popup appearing, so, your content will still be available for reading, and popup won’t irritate user (and searching engines too). Or, you can show popup not at home page at all with the same effect


No choice to close the popup

What does our plugin offer you on this point?

You can choose conditions for popup closing in main settings tab, and add or delete closing buttons in design. But remember, that nobody would like to be annoyed by non-closing popups.


Too large for mobile

What does our plugin offer you on this point?

All our pop-ups are responsive, but you can choose Bar popups, if you want to get additional space on a page and still get users attention


Useless popups

Years ago when it was a wave of pop-ups covering every site, people became tired of all of these, and now it’s hard to persuade people that popups are very effective tool to gather info and prohibition. So, which popups are always welcomed by search engines? The ones, which are really necessary – f.e. age confirmation popups, or privacy policy consent popups.

What does our plugin offer you on this point?

You can find  special templates for necessary aims like Age Confirmation popup, or use any of usual templates and customize them due to your needs.

Here are some examples of popups, looking compact and still being informative on mobile devices




Popup plugin by Supsystic allows you an option that makes your popup hidden or shown when users will view your WordPress site from mobile devices (or Tablets, Desktop PC). Follow next steps:

  1. Go to Main tab of your Popup plugin.
  2. On the “Whom To Show PopUp” section find an option Hide/Show Only for Devices and choose what it should be – tablet, phone etc.
  3. Save the changes.

Hide/show mobile option in Popup plugin

Don’t forget, that if you have some questions, want FAQs or any kind of an additional information about Popup – go through the page Popup WordPress plugin.

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