Main Settings

There are three modes for your future Coming Soon Page. The time you want to cancel it – just click the button Disabled.

Coming Soon Plugin Mode

Coming Soon Page – this is a ready-made template page, which will appear for users, while you have repairing work on the site or just close it. If you haven’t Pro version – you have 2 templates, but with PRO one you get 9 of them.

When you choose the template, you have the option to edit it – change the time, titles, pictures on it and etc.

Edit Template

The second option – Redirect to URL. The one additional function you have here – Redirect URL. And the same System/Site View Options.

The last one option is – 503 Header Response. User will see this error, when coming to your URL address.

Check out the more explicit description on the page Coming Soon Page Modes.

Below all the modes you have Site View Options. They include several points for customizations:

  • Login URL – If you change login url for your site, you need to set new login url for this option too
  • User Roles – By default only administrator can view the site, but here you can select other user roles that can view your site while it is under construction. Note that administrator can always view the site (even if de-selected in this list)
  • Exclude / Show only on URLs – By default while your site is under construction – all users will see this in all links on your site. But here you can list links where you want to disable Under Construction mode (or vice versa – depending on Exclude/Show Only option). Just print links here, each link – from new line
  • Hide / Show Only for IP – set the user’s IP, who will see Coming Soon page or not. For this click “Show IP’s list” and enter users IP’s if needed in the opened window and “Save” changes.
    IPs List

In addition, you have System two functions:

  • Send usage statistics – Send information about what plugin options you prefer to use, this will help us make our solution better for You
  • Enable promo link – We are trying to make our plugin better for you, and you can help us with this. Just check this option – and small promotion link will be added on the bottom of your Coming Soon page. This is easy for you – but very helpful for us!

Coming Soon Site Options

Note! You can check the work of Coming Soon plugin by opening your site like a guest, not like an admin. The easiest way is to open it in other browser or in incognito window.
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