Why Social Popup can be useful ?

The popularity of your site today can’t be imagined without social networks. Adults and teenagers, even kids today are really addicted on them – so we offer you Social Share Popup by Supsystic. Link your site with social media: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google profile or any else. WordPress Social Popup for your site can be easily installed even by not professional programmer. We created it for the average user without coding knowledge.

WordPress Share buttons is the best idea to welcome your visitors for website interaction. You can use our simple social popup like box to show your Facebook, twitter or Google profile. If you are using WordPress platform it is not hard to make it. Your visitors must know about your Facebook pages, Twitter profile, Pinterest pages or Google + page!

To install Social PopUp plugin you have to make just several steps:

    • You need to find on the admin panel “PopUp” directory.
    • Choose there a button “Add New PopUp” and type the name of your future Social popup.
    • Choose the type of PopUp you need and go to the settings.
    • After you choose all the design, main settings you need to find Social tab in the Design directory.

Social feature of Popup plugin

    • Enable here Social Buttons. Basically you can choose here three main buttons Facebook, Google+, Twitter in two styles. But if you need more Select Social Buttons project.

Select Social Buttons on Popup

You can change literally everything in your future popup and see the result of your efforts before the last install of it. Just click the button “Preview” and see how it looks now! At least now you have everything for making your site modern and interesting for each generation. Your products or services can be highlighted not only on your site but in media, and you need to share that news. Groups and pages of your team now are on focus. Just install Social PopUp!

Popup by Supsystic includes tons of cool options available to you! Check more variants for your own site WordPress Popup examples.

Don’t forget, that if you have some questions, want FAQs or any kind of an additional information about an Iframe Popup or another – go through the page Popup plugin for WordPress pages by Supsystic

Our plugin will display a popup or splash screen when a new user visit your site showing a Google+, twitter and Facebook or other media follow links. This will increase your followers’ rate in a 40% for a small period of time. Popup can be closen depending on your settings (or immediately, or after following the link, or just with the small button in the corner). There are lots of Custom Editing options, which are available for this popup plugin like configure background, custom templates, edit css, choose where to display popup, enable/disable options etc.

Our WordPress Social Popup plugin was created for everybody: programmers will find there an eternal number of changing code options, creating new plugins etc. and an average user will point out the ease of the management and redesigning of popup.

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