Subscription via iContact Solution

To subscribe via iContact mail service in our popup plugin you need to enter your Application ID, API Username and API Password. To find these credentials, follow next steps –

  1. At first you need to generate Application ID, follow this link –
  2. After this copy the Application ID and put it into the required tab in popup subscribe settings.
  3. Enter the API Username – it is your iContact username.
  4. Enter The API Password – password which you created for Application ID.

After this you will be able to choose the list for subscribe.

icontact subscribe settings in WordPress Popup plugin
In order to add new fields for WordPress iContact API subscription – you need to follow these guidelines:

  1. You can create only those fields, which are specified in iContact Sign-up Form settings. Here is the list of these fields –
    icontact Sign-up Form rules
  2. The Name (key) of your field is parameter for system – to be able to determine the field. Use here only Latin letters, numbers, symbols -_+ and space. Just below read more detailed rules of setting this value for iContact.

name key parameter of popup field in WordPress Popup plugin
For each field from the list above there are special values for Name(key) of the field. Here is the list of these values –

  • First Name – ‘first’
  • Last Name – ‘last’
  • Prefix – ‘prefix’
  • Suffix- ‘sSufix’
  • Fax – ‘fax’
  • Phone – ‘phone’
  • Business – ‘busines’
  • Address 1 – ‘street’
  • Address 2 – ‘street2’
  • City – ‘city’
  • State – ‘state’
  • Zip – ‘postal’

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