Full Product Data Control

WooCommerce Product Table gives you full control over the data displayed in the table. You can set the product list, select columns to display, customize a table design.

It’s the most flexible and user-friendly plugin you ever seen!

Table Columns

Product Table allows to build a table according to your exact needs, adding the table columns and add any product data.

Plugin fully supports Product Attributes, Categories, and you can add any column to the table – SKU, Buy, Summary, Date, Price, Thumbnail, Reviews.

Select the properties you need and display each type of data as a separate column in the product table:

Table content

Plugin uses the products already created in WooCommerce. You can create them manually or upload using a CSV/XML import.
After you manage with your products, easiest part – to select them from list add into a table content in 1 click:



Take control of your product page, use  Product table features: searching, sorting, pagination, print button, multiple add to cart, thumbnail size settings and more.

In Preview tab you can see the created Product Table and check how it looks like.


Also in this plugin a lot of settings for Table design.

You can fully customize set the table appearance:

  • Table elements : Caption, Description, Signature. Header / Footer
  • Borders cell,  row, none.
  • Row striping
  • Responsive modes
  • Highlighting modes and more

Take advantage of every plugin options and find your own style and build your table unique and convenient to use.