Sorting Feature

Looking for something to speed up your work with tables?

You can use the Data Table Generator. It’s a highly flexible tool that adds advanced interaction controls to any table.

Data Table allows you to sort data rows on the client side with simple settings in a couple of clicks, so you can display data in an exact order you want.

Data Table sorting feature

On the header, Data Table displays a special control indicating which column the table is currently sorted by and the direction of this sorting (ascending or descending). Columns can have a different type of content (numbers, strings, dates) and each type of content requires its specific way of sorting.

For this purpose, the Data Table provides several sorting types to ensure correct sorting of columns.

WordPress Tables Plugin


This is an essential feature if you use large tables and it is difficult to find the necessary information in dozens of pages and columns.

In addition, working together with the Search feature, your tables will be twice more accessible to users.

Look all the examples and functions of Data Table Generator and you will be pleasantly surprised by their variety and capabilities.

If you need some more options or you are just looking for something special, feel free to contact us and ask about custom mode.