Search Feature

Do your table contains a large amount of data? Don’t worry.

You can create unlimited interactive data tables using Data Table Generator and with such features like Sorting, Searching, Pagination you can be sure, that users will find all necessary info in one click.

Search Feature is a lifesaver if your table contains endless columns and rows. Also, it is a handy option even if your table is short and summarized.

Searching a table is one of the most useful options, and Data Tables Generator provides a number of methods: global search and searches for each individual column. 

You can apply multiple individual column searches with the global search for complex searching options to be presented to the user.

Even if you have fields, marked as hidden, not a problem to find info with a Search by Hidden Fields. 

search-iconOn the other hand, sometimes you need not to search option and can remove/add this feature with just a click and without any kind of coding.

Searching Feature has different settings to customize this functionality in the best way for every table and make its usage comfortable and light for your visitors.


See, with a Data Table Generator, you can not only create tables but make them understandable, easy for browsing and searching even if you have lots of information.