Unlimited Maps and Markers

Unlimited Maps and Markers

Website is much more useful with a map. A post about your favorite places is much easier to understand with a map full of points. Even blog about travelling is that much more fun when everyone can see all the interesting places you are gonna to visit or where you’ve been.

There are many reasons to add the maps on your WordPress site and you should have an easy and efficient way to do that.

Google Maps Easy is a simple-yet-powerful tool for quickly creating Google Maps for posts and pages.
This Plugin a great way to create unlimited maps with unlimited markers to add to a website.

It allows to create multiply maps with different styles and layers and markers with adding information, such as description, links, images and galleries, videos and more. Add marker icons choosing from marker icon libraries or download your own marker icon.  Add as much maps as you require, select one of +300 different custom themes for your maps to make it unique and match your site.

We’ve united functionality and A-design, so you and your users can enjoy the experience of using the Google Maps Easy!