Markers Front-end Editing

With Google Maps Markers Front-end Editing you can easily let users add markers to the map from the front-page.

You just need to add markers to the current map and front-end form, which can be displayed using the short code.
Moreover, you have an options to set such additional options like:

  • who can add markers (all users or logged in users only)
  • how many of them can be added from the same IP for a certain period of time
  • maximum number of markers, which can be added over certain amount of time
  • number of minutes, during which you can add the maximum number of markers
  • disable or enable WP Editor for the Marker Description field of the form
  • disable or enable interface for choose the marker category on front-end and more
  • edit markers that were created(all users or logged in users only).

Front-end Editing markers

Also, you can regulate which markers should be displayed on the frontend via shortcodes.

[google_maps_easy id=”6” user_id=logged_in_user] – allows displaying markers for logged users who created them

[google_maps_easy id=”6” user_id=”3”] – allows displaying markers of certain logged user.

To add this feature into a page or post, copy the special short code of the already existing map and paste them together anywhere on the page of your website. For better understanding, we propose a short video:

Try to add marker to the Google Map

Google Maps Wordpress