Add Charm to Your Images Set!

Jan 19, 2017
Add Charm to Your Images Set

Add Charm to Your Images Set

We get accustomed to use Gallery as collection of pics, not more, but before computers appeared this word had another meaning. You could find gallery in caves, balconies of churches and museums. Huge castles and houses had galleries too. It looked like a passage or a long room with columns, that opened a colorful view, sun shine and gift breath full of fresh air. Nevertheless people are still looking for places or sites with windy and fresh feelings that only galleries can bring to color their drab existences. You also can change your site appearance and bring bright moments of peace or ardor for your site visitors with different Photo Gallery Types. So, here we will talk about how to produce white magic by Supsystic Gallery. In the way you like to control everything to reach better result, you can find Gallery Type section in the Main Settings Tab. Choose Fixed type to fix all sizes of pics personally. In Fixed Gallery you can set:

  • Gallery width in pixels or percents
  • Images width and height in pixels
  • Image Radius
  • Image Crop Quality

Fixed Gallery allows you to display size-fixed photos, for example, from the same photo session or camera in one single and unique design which radiates with full sense of perfection. Here you can create square size parameters and cute combinations with setting rounding corners, choosing caption animation and load more button that will suit you the best. For example,

Fix up your messy photos! Horizontal Type is like a pink dream of cinemaddict fan – pics placed here in horizontal stripes, so your images will keep it’s primary size and quality displaying cool and tidy look. Horizontal Gallery is the best for landscape view photos type, right after you have established pics height it automatically chooses pics width accordingly to primary dimensions. To get really ice breaking view you may additionally use Horizontal scroll and Thumbnails Style for Popup Image to get this result: Next options will help you to create very lovely gallery:

  • Image Height in pixels
  • Gallery Width in pixels or percents
  • Image radius in pixels or percents
  • Horizontal scroll

Vertical works opposite to Horizontal Gallery type, anyway you can download photos with different sizes and it will look magnificent. Just look at this mosaic – it catches all attention to itself! No matter you set Gallery and image width in pixels or percents, plugin will recount it’s height accordingly to original proportions. By the way, you can classificate your taste in Vertical Gallery exploring Categories and adding more charm with Custom Buttons. Enjoy variant below:

How it was made? By using these options to get perfect result you deserve:

  • Gallery position
  • Gallery width in pixels or percents
  • Images width in percents or pixels
  • Categories
  • Custom Buttons

You can try all gallery types developing your imagination and site rates. Hope this article was informative enough. Enjoy more beautiful examples of Gallery by Supsystic. What else would you prefer to know about Gallery plugin possibilities? What do you want to make your gallery look like?


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