How to Create Great Portfolio with Gallery Plugin

Jul 04, 2017
Create Great Portfolio with Gallery Plugin

How to Create Great Portfolio with Gallery Plugin

Gallery Plugin by Supsystic was designed to offer webmasters wide range of image post options on the website. It is important to have a good-looking and well-designed gallery if your page needs pictures to be posted. One of the goals to be accomplished when using this plugin is creating your own portfolio. Below in the article there disclosed reasons to make a portfolio and how should it look like when using Gallery Plugin.

Why to Create Portfolio with Gallery Plugin

If your professional field is related to image production portfolio is a must on your website. Why? This is the best way to show your potential customers your expertise and ensure those you are good enough to deal with their tasks. So why to use Gallery Plugin for Your Portfolio?

  • You can make smart and cozy gallery.
  • There are numerous options for gallery design.
  • Your images can be compressed automatically due to integration of plugin with TinyPng. Read more about this integration.
  • You can get adequate support – however, you won’t need it as plugin is simple and intuitive.

Just check an example of Gallery that you can make using this plugin:

All of these reasons are sufficient for webmaster to choose Gallery Plugin by Supsystic. By the way, there are several tips you need to consider when creating gallery and below those are disclosed.

How to Create Great Portfolio with Gallery Plugin?

Your portfolio usually is the main factor influencing client’s decision on whether to work with you or choose another service. So make sure it is good enough to succeed. For that, adhere below advices. File types

Include to Your Portfolio Real Cases

No matter whether you deal with web-design or photography make sure you include to your portfolio examples that were solved and really helped your client. Only the best cases should be presented. As a matter of a fact you may have some concepts that are good to base on, however, you need to consider the fact that your clients buy a result and to make him work with you. It is important to show him the result he may have rather than a simple concept that can be evolved. The best way to do this is to include real cases and finished works.

Show Different Types of Work You have Made

You do not know exactly what kind of work your potential client needs to be done. Is it an online store or company site? You do not know that. Is it a photo session or nature photos? So you need to include different types of works and make sure you have gave description to each of those.

Otherwise you may lose clients just because your competitors have included to portfolio specialized types of work and you did not. Make sure your works are categorized and clearly described as transparency and simplicity is valued by clients at the highest rate.

Even Failures Can Be in Use

Gallery Portfolio Most of the services are fond of telling about successful cases only – not failures. That is kind of understandable, but not really fair. There is nothing negative in failures if you have understood what mistakes were made and are ready to avoid those. So if you want your portfolio to be as unique as possible do not hesitate to post your failed projects as well, however, you also need to add some description to each gallery project. The thing is if you provide client with explanations on how you worked and reasons of fails you will gain more trust as client can see that you do not hide anything – even failures and know how to make lessons from mistakes.

More Practical Cases

Idea of Portfolio design You may have outstanding portfolio of never used designed, photos and else. However, that is not client is looking for. Make sure you provide more practical cases that are used and also provide links and explanations when and where your works were used.

Focus on Results

When describing portfolio or choosing examples to post make sure you consider results – as this is what client pays for exactly. Once you deliver clear message on what and why you have done to make your client’s life better – you are more likely to get a conversion.

A Few Examples for Portfolio

Choose the best examples. There is no need to make dozens of works included to portfolio. Just make sure that you have 1-2 examples per each type of work done. If you want to tell about other works those should be included to cases .

Show High Quality

There is no way you can include to portfolio poor works. You need to show the best of the best – catchy and high quality works.

Include Wide Spectre of Works

Spectre of works must be as wide as possible. If you are not specialized in a single skill you have to show all of them. And you can provide this by creating several galleries in Gallery plugin.

Put the Best Work First

As you need to stun your future client make sure you have put your best work you are proud of the most on the first place. Creating portfolio with Gallery plugin Usually clients do not browse all works and you need to make sure client can see the best of your work.

Include Works that Are Rated Like Best by Experts

Sometimes you can see that to portfolio are put works that are rated as the best by audience. This is a mistake. You know, you need to show works that valued by experts not by people who do not have high expertise on the subject.

Update It

You must update your portfolio instantly. Some works are outdated – it is inevitable. Just consider that you hold a website promoting you as a webdesigner. You won’t put works accomplished when there was Web 2.0, right? So do not hesitate to add new and delete old works.

To Sum Up

When using Gallery by Supsystic Plugin you can create outstanding portfolio for your website. Just make sure the content will lead to high conversion and make a good impression for potential customers. No matter what is the field of your work – whether it is photography, web-design or cooking – you can add high quality photos and put them to your portfolio in a smart and cozy way. The last thing to say about this effective tool is that it is integrated with TinyPng service so you can automatically compress photos or screenshots to improve usability of the website without any damage to quality of picture.

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