E-commerce for Membership Site

Apr 05, 2017
E-commerce for Membership Site

Membership eCommerce PRO addon

E-commerce for Membership Site

Membership site is a valuable asset for its owner. It allows you to use subscription business model to earn on content you already have created. Make sure you see the difference between site with paid subscription and other types of paid websites. Membership website is about granting paid access to content due to the level of membership. In order to run such a site on WordPress you can use Membership Plugin by Supsystic which is fully customizable and highly reliable. This plugin allows you to launch membership site with all necessary features to be set up even if you know nothing about website development. So why do you need to launch membership site? The reason is simple – you earn more on your content if there are subscribers that pay than if you make contracts with advertisers. Just because your content is valuable for users itself and you do not need to consider what type of products to promote on your website. Membership E-Commerce is an essential PRO addon designed for Membership plugin by Supsystic. E-commerce feature was developed by Supsystic team to set up payment management for your Community site. This module solves problems below:

  1. Membership Levels
  2. Payment Methods
  3. Order Reports
  4. Publishing of Dripping Content
  5. Statistics

Membership Levels

You can set up Membership level settings. Basically, you can set up price, content available and other setting for current membership level. There is no limit for number of levels to enforce. Membership levelling is very important for your resource as this is where you earn for paid subscription. Setting up an adequate price is the key to profit maximizing. membership level On the example above you can see 3 test Membership levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can set up any names and prices for Membership levels and this is how it can look on client’s side.

Payment Methods

When setting up Membership site and after defining pricing issues you need to choose payment system to receive funds. The payment systems available are below:

    1. 2Checkout
    1. Authorize.net
    1. PayPal Standard/PRO
    1. Stripe
    1. Test Payments

Test Payments were designed to for testing and are not available for users. For all other payment systems to be enforced you need to enter your login/API/payment data in specific payment system. Due Payments for E-commerce being implemented you do not need to spend funds on customizing payments for your membership website. membership checkout page After user presses Finish he gets redirected to payment system you have chosen. You also can set up any currency to pay for subscription plans in specific section.

Order Report

Order reports allow you to monitor order statuses online. This is a very valuable feature that should be used to monitor your cash flow, number of successful orders and cancellations. membership dripping content

Dripping Content

It can be really demanding to prepare content for your website. Usually, you need to have content strategy and plan that includes content to post for the next month at least. So dripping content option is a very useful tool for a webmaster that has already what content and when to be posted. All you have to do is to assign for a post publishing period and there can be a list of them – already prepared but not published yet.


Analyze your Membership issues in Statistics section. Find out the number of new paid members, dynamics and compare your results to previous periods to make decisions. E-Commerce extension was designed to help webmaster monetize community’s potential. It’s ideal solution for online businesses, communities, informational agencies and professional networks. Don’t miss your chance to make money with E-Commerce Addon of Membership plugin! Check more about all advantages and extensions of Membership plugin on our Supsystic site.

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